9 Common Online Casino Terms Explained for Novice Players

9 Common Online Casino Terms Explained for Novice Players

As someone new to online gambling, you might find casino terms confusing and overwhelming. You might even wonder why you need to know about them when you are playing solo online. We say knowing the basics terms will help boost your confidence and skills.

Plus, on the off-chance that you will take a trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or even Macau, you can comfortably take a seat and speak the language like a pro.

Gambling terminology is quite extensive, so we have come up with nine of the most common casino terms you might encounter in the online casino world.

  1. Bankroll

It is your virtual wallet – the total amount of money you have to pay for bets. When you place bets, you decrease your bankroll. Winning bets increase it.

Example: If you had an unlimited bankroll, you would never stop playing and placing high bets.

  1. Double Down

Players commonly use this phrase in blackjack. It means doubling your initial bet after seeing the initial cards given to you in exchange for drawing an additional card.

Example: When your cards equal to eleven, that moment is the best time to double down.

  1. Croupier

This word is another term for a dealer. European casinos use this casino term more often in table games like baccarat, roulette, or craps.

Example: You do not want to get upset with the croupier; you might get kicked out of the casino.

  1. Fold

You can hear this term in card games, most especially poker. The word means to abandon a hand and to lose your bets in that round. When a player folds in poker, they are not allowed to reveal their cards to the other active players.

Example: I had no choice but to fold as my cards were hopeless.

  1. High Roller

High rollers are players who make large bets. They usually deposit a lot of money into casinos.

Example: Most casinos treat their high rollers as VIPs.

  1. House Edge

House edge refers to the casino’s odds in winning over players. You will see this as a percentage. The higher the value, the more challenging it is to win on that game.

Example: We recommend new players to start playing with blackjack as it has the lowest house edge in most casinos.

  1. Multiplier

Commonly seen in slots, multipliers have specific values that increase your winnings. You can usually find them in bonus spins. Not all slots have them, though.

Example: One slot game gave five free spins with a multiplier up to 20.

  1. Payline

Paylines are the foundation of slot games, and this is one of the more critical casino terms on this list. From left to right, a payline shows a string of symbols. If they form a winning combination that you bet on, then you can get a payout.

Example: Online slot machines can have more than 20 paylines compared to a classic model which only has one.

  1. Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot has a pot that keeps on increasing based on the number of players participating and the amount of money bet in the game.

Example: Winning in a progressive jackpot is like getting the grand prize in gambling because of the large amount of money.

Now that you know the most common casino terms, you can head over to your favorite website and start playing!

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